Mudslide in Mexico leaves at least 6 dead, 25 injured

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Published on 08 Nov 2007
Mexico City_(dpa) _ Six bodies have been found and 25 people remained missing Thursday after a mudslide that buried the village of San Juan de Grijalva in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.

In the neighbouring state of Tabasco, devastated by flooding in the past two weeks following heavy rains and where four people have died, the water level was slowly going down but many still remained stranded in their houses.

In San Juan de Grijalva, a mudslide fell into a river Sunday, displacing the flow and causing a gigantic wave that devastated the village. Divers continued to look for victims of the tragedy on Thursday.

Chiapas, where 22 towns were affected by the floods, has demanded more aid. Tabasco, which at one point had 80 per cent of its territory under water - up from the usual 30 per cent - appeared to be getting the most support for flood victims.

Tabasco capital Villahermosa was still flooded Thursday, although pumping of stagnant water in higher areas started in the morning. Boats distributed drinking water, food and medicine in flooded neighbourhoods as many residents continued to wait on the second floors or rooftops of their houses.

Many in Mexico were busy looking for those who may have contributed to the devastating effects of the rain by delaying hydraulic works. Fingers were being pointed to former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who left office in 2006, and former Tabasco governor Manuel Andrade.

Tabasco suffered another damaging flood in 1999, and works were planned to prevent that from happening again. However, some 1 million people were again affected by the severe flooding of recent days. dpa ke vs cc

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