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MMC Latin America and the Caribbean - 4Mi Snapshot – August 2021: Access to information among refugees and migrants in Mexico


Information is fundamental for refugees and migrants to evaluate their options before and during their migration journey, choose a destination, estimate costs and determine the safest and most accessible route. How do they gather information before and during the journey? Which kind of information do they have access to and what are the gaps? Which sources of information are the most used and which are the most trusted?

This snapshot offers an analysis on access to information among refugees and migrants interviewed in Mexico. It aims to contribute towards a solid evidence base to inform targeted responses on the ground, as well as advocacy efforts related to the situation of refugees and migrants in the country.

Key findings

• Less than half of surveyed refugees and migrants (45%) reported having accessed information about routes, destinations, costs and risks before starting their journey. This low proportion can be explained by the specific migration dynamics in the region. The trends found in Latin America are quite different from those indicated by 4Mi data from other regions.

• The main sources of information consulted before the journey were personal contacts such as friends or family in the country of arrival or departure.

• Only 48% of all respondents mentioned having received information during the journey about routes, destinations, costs and risks, mainly from the local population.

• The most frequently reported information gap is that of rights in countries of transit or destination, particularly among asylum seekers.

• Information was mainly obtained through phone calls and in-person conversations. The use of social media or messaging apps was reported less often.