Mexico: Reports on the current situation in Tabasco and the other states affected by the rains

from Government of Mexico
Published on 25 Oct 1999
Bulletin No. 435/99
  • Alert, prevention and relief measures continue for the people of the state of Tabasco.
  • The hydroelectric system of the Grijalva River is being permanently monitored; the additional controlled release from the Peñitas dam is within the technical parameters established.
  • Supplies and preventive barriers are being supported by the Army and Armed Forces of Mexico.
  • It has been confirmed that there are no epidemic outbreaks in the affected states.
The federal, state and municipal authorities, together with the Armed Forces of Mexico, are maintaining the alert, prevention and aid to the people affected by the flooding in several municipalities in the state of Tabasco. Per instructions from the Secretary of the Interior, Diódoro Carrasco Altamirano, the General Coordinator of Civil Protection of this agency, José Luis Alcudia García, remains in the state to assist in implementing the various operations that have been set into motion.

As has been reported, the Río Grijalva Hydroelectric System is being constantly monitored by officials of the National Water Commission and the Federal Electricity Commission, in order to make sure that the additional controlled release from the Peñitas dam, begun last Saturday in the early hours of the morning, stays within the technical parameters established in order to safeguard the lives and possessions of the inhabitants of the Tabasco plain, as well as the integrity of the hydroelectric system.

The Department of National Defense maintains its support of the communities affected by the rains. Just within the last 48 hours, 237 helicopter flights and ground trips have been made to distribute 360 tons of supplies and more than 74,000 liters of water from the supply centers, while close to 8,300 cubic meters of rubble were removed in 183 towns, including the state of Oaxaca. In the community of Oriental, Puebla, in order to aid in transporting people and supplies to hard-to-get-to communities, the Mexican Army delivered to the state government 219 mules and 81 horses from the Santa Gertrudis breeding facility in Chihuahua.

In Tabasco, land and amphibious patrols continue to deal with the needs of the people. Over the weekend, 99 people were evacuated to the shelter set up in the Convention Center of Villahermosa. During the same period, the Department of National Defense placed more than 162,000 sand bags in the area around the Río Carrizal dyke and 25,300 more around the center for social readaptation; these preventive measure have progressed 97 and 79% respectively. The 30 shelters and 28 community kitchens operated by the Mexican Armed Forces in the state provided, during this period, more than 101,000 hot meals.

The Department of the Navy, in turn, has more than 2,600 troops, 12 helicopters, 16 ships, 44 boats, and 51 land vehicles in Hidalgo, Veracruz, Tabasco and Oaxaca, which, over the past 48 hours, have mobilized more than 127 tons of supplies and close to 9,000 liters of bottled water. During this period, just in Tabasco, the Mexican Army transported 238 people and evacuated more than 850, prepared more than 11,000 sand bags for reinforcing shorelines and transported and distributed more than three tons of basic food packages, as well as close to nine and half tons of miscellaneous materials.

The Department of Social Development has reinforced supply activities in the affected areas of Tabasco, through the delivery, over the last 24 hours, of more than 192 tons of food, more than 36,000 liters of bottled water and close to 73,500 liters of milk.

The Health sector, as part of the sanitary operation in Tabasco, installed 71 community modules, has given more than 89,000 consultations and made more than 47,000 house calls. It has been confirmed that, to date, there are no epidemic outbreaks in any of the states affected by the rains.


In accordance with the latest reports received from the corresponding state authorities, the General Civil Protection Coordination Section of the Department of the Interior presents information containing official figures on the situation prevailing until 12:00 hours today.

Affected Municipalities
Temporary Shelters
People in Shelters

The National Meteorology Service reports that the affluence of tropical maritime air from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico will cause moderate rains in Veracruz and Tabasco. Rains are not forecast for the states of Puebla and Hidalgo.