Mexico Hurricane Pauline Situation Report No.1

from UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 12 Oct 1997
DHAGVA - 97/0531

Hurricane Pauline

DHA-Geneva Situation Report no. 1

12 October 1997

1. The National Civil Protection System is implementing emergency plans to support the communities concerned in the States of Oaxaca and Guerrero that were hit by the hurricane Pauline from 9 to 10 October 1997. The Government has not requested international assistance.

2. Through the UNDP/DHA Resident Representative, the Government has made available the following assessment:

State of Oaxaca: 15 dead, 22 missing and 41,100 persons affected. Cut-off in some areas of the supply of electricity, drinking water and the network of telecommunications. 12 bridges have been damaged. The overflowing of the River Los Perros has given rise to flooding in 50 municipalities.

State of Guerrero: 123 dead, 3 missing, 35 persons rescued. Damage in some areas to housing, bridges, the systems for the supply of electricity and drinking water and to the telecommunications network.

3. National relief efforts are carried out by the National Civil Protection System, State Governments, the Red Cross of Mexico and the private sector (amongst others, mass media, universities). Relief supplies transported to the areas concerned: food supplies, drinking water, medical supplies, mats, blankets, clothing, generators, chlorine, water purification equipment. Multi-disciplinary relief/assessment teams including medical staff and search and rescue teams have been dispatched.

4. The Governments of the States of Oaxaca and Guerrero have asked UNICEF for assistance (drinking water tanks, water purification equipment, water pumps and construction material, especially corrugated metal sheets). UNICEF is assessing the needs for assistance that would be drawn from the cooperation programme currently carried out by UNICEF in these two States.

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