Mexico Earthquake Humanitarian Situation Report No. 7 - 31 October 2017

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 31 Oct 2017


• The Ministry of Education, through the National Institute for School Infrastructure, created a Technical Advisory Group for the Reconstruction of Educational Institutions. Its functions are: 1) Collaboration and advice in the design and supervision of projects; 2) Presentation of at least six prototype proposals for structural rehabilitation of damaged buildings; 3) Curricular design of a training course for both construction companies and supervision companies, making it compulsory to participate in the execution and monitoring of educational works; and 4) Verification that the structures are of a still higher level of security and taking into account the type of soil and the seismic coefficient. (Source: SEP. Comunicado No. 326. 25 October 2017).

• Repairs have started in 11,000 schools to which US$30 million has been designated to fix windows, doors and other minor repairs. These resources come from the Educational Reform Programme. (Source: SEP Comunicado No. 324. 24 October 2017).

• Return to school percentages are as follows: 94% of schools in Chiapas; 88% in Oaxaca; 96% in Puebla; 50% in Morelos; and, 75% in Mexico City. (Source: SEP).

• UNICEF´s response plan continues its implementation. 31 out of 38 planned Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) have been installed: 15 in Oaxaca, 10 in Puebla (also, 100 school-in-a-box kits and 50 tents for temporary learning spaces were delivered), 2 in Chiapas and 4 in Mexico City

Situation Overview & Humanitarian Needs

• In Oaxaca, federal agencies and the military which had responded and had presence, including at shelters since the earthquake, have now left. It is likely that shelters will be now managed by the local Social Welfare Agency (DIF). This will present a challenge since they do not have enough human resources to address current needs.

• On 20 October, demolition began on the General Hospital in Juchitan, Oaxaca; the hospital was damaged in the 7 September earthquake.

• Last reports from Chiapas indicate that 141 churches, 16,796 houses and 113 schools were totally damaged in the earthquake. There are 8 shelters still operating. (Source: Protección Civil Chiapas). UNICEF staff in Chiapas report that partial damages in 2,173 schools were previous to the earthquake. The lack of adequate maintenance in schools has made them even more vulnerable to earthquakes.
Additionally, the teacher’s union is preventing teachers from demanding resources for school improvements as part of its fight with the Federal Government.

• The Federal Government has started distributing support in Chiapas for house reconstruction, milk and food subsidized services and other economic activation programs. (Source: Presidencia de la República. 30 October)