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Mexico and Guatemala: Earthquake - Information Bulletin N° 1

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The Situation


According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), an 8.1-magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale struck off the Pacific Coast of Mexico--around 87km (54 miles) south-west of Pijijiapan--at 23:50 local time on Thursday,7 September 2017 (04:50 Greenwich Meant Time [GMT] Friday). A tsunami warning was issued for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras; however, it was later lifted. An estimated 50 million Mexicans felt the tremor per the Mexican government.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the region within 250 km of the hypocentre of the 8 September 2017 earthquake has experienced 8 other magnitude 7+ earthquakes. Most occurred in the subduction zone to the southeast of yesterday’s event, near the Mexico-Guatemala border and none were larger than magnitude 7.5; the largest, a magnitude 7.4 thrust faulting earthquake offshore Guatemala in November 2012, resulted in at least 48 fatalities, over 150 injuries and significant damage near the coast.


According to a report from Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Relations, a 7.7-magnitude earthquake shook various departments in the country at 22:49 local time (04:49 GMT) for 1 and 33 seconds; the earthquake’s epicentre was 203 km to the west of San Marcos, with a profundity of 10 km.