IOM Mexico - Ciudad Juarez Field Office (Chihuaua) Response to COVID19 - Leona Vicario Collective Centre, Published on September 1st 2020

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The number of migrants arriving to Ciudad Juarez started in late October 2018, after the Caravanas arrived to Tapachula. However it wasn’t until March 2019 when the Migration Protection Protocols (MPP) started in Juarez and changed the asylum process. People had to attend their courts in El Paso, TX, but was forced to remain between courts in Mexico.

Official sources estimate that there where more than 10,000 migrants in Ciudad Juarez by July 2019. These people was spread in a context of urban displacement. There were 15 self settled shelters –installed in old churches and schools- that IOM monitored and around 2,500 people was identified in these settlements. However most of the migrants were living in rented houses, hotels or in the streets. Every person who returned from their audiences in El Paso, was offered to stay in a shelter, but only the 30% of them accepted the offer.

In response to this context, a Collective Centre, the Centro Integrador Leona Vicario (CILV), was opened by the Federal Government, with capacity for 1,500 people. At its peak, they had around 1,000 people -most of them from Central America, uniparental families and an average of two kids per household-. Today they’ve around 250 people.
Centro Leona Vicario was an old factory that was repaired. It has three big open spaces, where bed bunks were placed and WASH facilities outside the building. Inside of it, migrants have access to Food and NFI, Health support,
Legal assistance, Psychosocial support, Formal Education for kids or Emergency Consular assistance among others.

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