Hurricane Ignacio lashing Mexico's Baja California

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Published on 25 Aug 2003
Mexico City (dpa) - Hurricane Ignacio was at a virtual standstill Monday just 45 kilometres from La Paz, in Mexico's Baja California peninsula, where it was causing heavy rains and four-metre wave swells.

Earlier, authorities moved 13,000 people to safety from the storm while it was over the Gulf of California. Flights, road travel, business activity and classes for some 50,000 school children were suspended in La Paz.

Ignacio was losing strength but continued to batter the peninsula with winds of 140 kilometres per hour and gusts up to 165 kilometres per hour Monday afternoon, according to the Mexican weather service.

Although it was moving very slowly, the storm was expected to shift even closer to La Paz, within 35 kilometres, Monday evening.

The storm was also affecting the Mexican coastal state of Sinaloa, where about 500 people were evacuated, the Mexican weather service said.

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