GIEWS Country Briefs: Mexico 03-May-2012



  • Favourable prospects for 2012 maize crop

  • Significant increase in cereal imports in 2011/12 (October/September)

  • White maize prices remain high

The 2012 maize output to recover from the reduced level of 2011

Sowing of the 2012 spring-summer main season maize crop, which represents about 70 percent of the aggregate annual production, is currently underway. The area planted is anticipated to increase from last year’s same season level and assuming normal weather conditions in the coming months, this season’s output is officially forecast at 16 million tonnes, 8 percent above the reduced 2011 crop. Harvesting of the 2012 autumn-winter crop is ongoing and the output is forecast at 5.8 million tonnes, about 30 percent above the poor crop of the same season in 2011. This mainly reflects higher than anticipated plantings, particularly in the producing areas of the south. The aggregate production in 2012 (autumn-winter and spring-summer seasons) is forecast at 21.8 million tonnes, 14 percent above the 2011 crop affected by adverse weather, and close to the average of the past five years. In general, production this year is supported by several measures adopted by the Government including interventions to improve water availability, subsidies to inputs and credit facilities. In January, the Government signed a decree, with a budget of MXN 34 billion (USD 2.4 billion) to promote investment in the agriculture sector and mitigate the effects of the severe drought in 2011.