Farmers hit by Kenna

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Federation News 22
On 25 October, Hurricane Kenna struck the Pacific coast of Mexico as a category 3 hurricane. One person died and 54 were injured in what was the second strongest hurricane to hit the country since 1988. Around 15,000 people from 32 communities were evacuated the day before it struck. Thousands of houses were damaged in the cities of San Blas and Santiago Ixcluintla, while floods hit the tourist city of Puerto Vallarta. But Kenna wreaked most havoc in rural areas around San Blas, Tecuala and Acaponeta, where entire fruit and tobacco crops were devastated. More than 700 subsistence farmers and their families are in need of food and drinking water. "It will be hard for the lives of fishermen and farmers to return to normal," said Isaac Oxenhaut, disaster response director of the Mexican Red Cross, which deployed 180 technical staff and 26 vehicles, and delivered a total of 175 MT of food, drinking water, clothes and medicine. After evaluating the damage and immediate needs in the battered coastal states, the Red Cross is conducting an eight-day relief operation, though some subsistence farmers and fishermen will require longer-term support.