ERD assists people affected by disasters in Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador

from Episcopal Relief and Development
Published on 07 Sep 2006
Flooding in Northern Mexico displaced hundreds when close to 15 inches of heavy rain fell on Ciudad Juarez. The rain started mid-August and lasted for nearly two weeks, displacing thousands of people from their homes. "The situation in Ciudad Juarez is terrible," said the Rt. Rev. Marcelino Rivera Delgado, the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Mexico.

ERD has provided the people in Ciudad Juarez with emergency aid such as food, clothing, medicine and transportation. About 100 families will receive these life-sustaining supplies and another 80 will receive mattresses.

Fire in Brazil causes thousands to become homeless

On August 13th, a fire broke out in Rio das Pedras, a low-income neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Nearly 800 homes were destroyed and close to 3,000 people were displaced. ERD is providing the region with assistance that will help meet the immediate needs of the people displaced by the fire: Food, water and clothing have been given to hundreds of families.

Volcano eruption in Ecuador causes massive damage

Entire villages were wiped out when Volcano Tungurahua, located 80 miles from the capital of Quito, erupted on August 16. There are at least 60 people missing and at least one person was killed. Nearly 5,000 people were displaced from their homes. People fleeing from the falling debris took shelter in local churches and schools in the Tungurahua Province.

"Ashes are covering portions of the landscape and the effects on the region will be devastating," said the Rt. Rev. Wilfrido Ramos Orench, the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Mexico. Villages of Chilibu, Chogloctuz and Palitagua were completely wiped out. Other areas like Bilbao and Penipe were also severely damaged.

The Diocese of Ecuador has partnered with Episcopal Relief and Development to help in the relief efforts of the people displaced by the eruption. The immediate needs of the evacuees are currently being met through emergency supplies such as food, water and medicine.

To help people affected by these disasters, please make a donation to the Emergency Relief Fund at, or call 1-800-334-7626, ext. 5129. Gifts can be mailed to Episcopal Relief and Development "Emergency Relief Fund." P.O. Box 12043, Newark, NJ 07101.