Earthquake strikes Colima, Mexico

Direct Relief International has offered emergency medical supplies and medicines to the Governor of Colima State and Mexico City-based National Community Healthcare Network, a longtime Direct Relief partner organization in Mexico. We have also advised the Mexican Consulate based in Southern California of the assistance offer.
As of today at 1:00 p.m., the reports are that the medical needs are being met by on-the-ground resources and that the two principal health facilities remain functioning despite sustaining some damage in the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

Direct Relief International's longstanding emergency-response practice is to provide items that are specifically requested by on-site health professionals who are best positioned to assess the needs. This targeted approach is to ensure the most efficient use of resources and reduce the risk of overburdening local logistics and distribution networks with inappropriate material.

Because the situation does not, at this time, appear to require the type of medical material assistance that Direct Relief provides, the organization is not soliciting the public for cash contributions. Direct Relief will respond if and when medical material is required, and at that time may appeal for funds.

Any funds that Direct Relief receives for Colima earthquake relief will be spent only on our own activities directly related to providing emergency assistance to Colima or will be transferred to the local Rotary Club in the Colima region for local distribution. Direct Relief has worked extensively with Rotary International and individual Rotary Clubs around the world for over 50 years.

Direct Relief advises the public to inquire, before making a donation to any organization, how that organization plans to spend the funds for assistance in Colima.