CRS provides emergency assistance to flood victims in Mexico

from Catholic Relief Services
Published on 08 Oct 1999
CONTACT: Kerry Hodges
(410) 625-2220, ext. 3203
Baltimore, October 8, 1999 - Catholic Relief Services has made an initial pledge of $100,000 to assist victims in the rain-drenched communities of central and eastern Mexico. The floods and subsequent mudslides, triggered by a week of rain from a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico, have taken more than 200 lives and left thousands homeless. The death toll is expected to rise as the damage assessments are completed.

"The affected areas along Mexico's Gulf Coast," said Kenneth Hackett, Executive Director of Catholic Relief Services, "were already among the poorer regions of the country. Families lost everything in a matter of moments."

Catholic Relief Services operates programs in Mexico with its local Caritas partners. This relationship will allow the assistance to be immediately channeled to appropriate locations. The funds will be used to provide emergency relief supplies, such as plastic sheeting for shelter, five-gallon water containers, family hygiene articles, and medicine.

"After North Carolina's experience last month with Hurricane Floyd, we in the U.S. have a better appreciation of the kind of devastation that can be caused by intense flooding and more compassion for the victims of such natural disasters," said Hackett. "Catholic Relief Services feels that it is important for us to help our brothers and sisters in Mexico through their current crisis."

Catholic Relief Services is the official overseas relief and development agency of the U.S. Catholic community. Founded in 1943, the agency provides assistance to people in more than 80 countries. Catholic Relief Services provides assistance on the basis of need, not race, creed or nationality.

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