Climate, serious damages in 2011

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At least 600,000 families have lost homes and crops in 2011 due to an unusual combination of floods, drought and cold temperatures in various regions of Mexico.

According to the Minister of Social Development, Heriberto Félix Guerra, drought, in particular, has affected 2.5 million people in 1650 municipalities in the North, which still need drinking water to be supplied from deposits. In Sinaloa, where war lasted at the end of 2011, 900,000 acres of corn and beans have been lost; to assist the residents are still mobilized up to 4000 tanker truck containing 10,000 liters of water.

Persistent floods have affected hundreds of other communities in the southeast. On several occasions, Guerra said that Mexico is paying for the effects of climate change and its impact threatens to be heavier for the nation in the coming years.