ADRA Responds to Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel

ADRA was among one of the very first responders to the twin storms that hit the central and southern part of Mexico on September 19, 2013. Hurricane Ingrid from the Gulf side and Tropical Storm Manuel approached from the Pacific devastating the states along the west. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, Minister of the Interior of Mexico reported the damages of both events: nearly 400,000 people affected with tens of thousands evacuated and most living in shelters and the current death toll at 139 and may continue to rise.

ADRA México was on the ground doing assessments within hours with an initial response of food provision. Both events continue to impact large segments of the populations in terms of economy, social issues, health, education and politics of Mexico.

To date, ADRA has been able to help nearly 8,000 people. ADRA Mexico has been key with the on-the-ground implementation supported by initial funding from the local office, ADRA International, and ADRA Inter-American Division.

Cesar Hernandez Mercado, ADRA Mexico Country Director and Emergency Coordinator said, “We greatly appreciate the immediate response we’ve received however there is suffering everywhere and we continue to need additional support. The last two weeks have been focused on addressing the needs of the most vulnerable people, but there are still many communities who have not yet been assisted.”

ADRA staff and volunteers have been providing assistance in eleven Mexican states addressing the most urgent needs in the food sector, hygiene, and shelter. ADRA is conducting distribution operations of food and emergency hygiene kits, and providing temporary shelter. In all the states affected, ADRA Mexico has been working closely with the local and state authorities of Civil Protection in determining the areas where people have not yet received aid.

“This is yet another example of where ADRA continues to collaborate with other NGOs such as the Mexican Red Cross and the local government to bring immediate aid to those in need,” said Emanuel da Costa, ADRA International Director for Emergency Management. “As we bring aid to Mexico and help in the rebuilding in the upcoming weeks and months, we ask our ADRA and church community for their continued prayers and support.”

Media Contact:
Crister DelaCruz
Director, Marketing and Communication
ADRA International