Cyclone takes heavy toll in Mauritius

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By Christophe Rocheland
PANA Correspondent
Saint Denis, Reunion (PANA) - Authorities in Mauritius said cyclone "Dina" caused losses estimated at 50 million US dollars in the country.

In a statement, the government described the situation as "serious but not disastrous",

It, therefore, declined to appeal to the international assistance.

Mauritius, like Reunion, recovers with great difficulty from the damages caused by the cyclone.

According to a preliminary assessment by the inter-departmental committee dubbed "Cyclone Committee" and which is in charge of monitoring the rescue operations and assistance, the damages are estimated at over 50 million dollars.

The cyclone has taken a heavy toll on agriculture, basically the sugar cane crops -- the country's main food processing industry. The sugar output might plummet by 15-20 percent, the committee forecasts.

According to the planters, the loss in earnings might reach 1.2 to 1.6 billion rupees (45-60 million Euros).

The Cyclone severely damaged health centres, school buildings, sports infrastructures and hotels, especially in the north and west of Mauritius.

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