Qatar Charity Mauritania's Disaster Preparedness and Other Work

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Qatar Charity established its office in Mauritania in 2007 as it previously implemented activities solely through national partners. Its ambitious relief program is working to enhance the readiness and preparedness of the office and partners in emergency response for the benefit of millions of refugees and displaced populations in eastern Mauritania, via the provision of food and medical aid, clothes and blankets. In addition, it is working to prepare for all-too-common natural disasters such as the monsoon, which usually arrives with the start of autumn rains, causing displacement in the wake of a mass exodus of rural communities and villages.

Qatar Charity Mauritania office is currently working to implement an ambitious water and sanitation program that involves the digging of artesian and surface wells. Solar pumps will be used in order to reduce the cost and strengthen and improve access to potable water in isolated rural areas.

During 2015, Qatar Charity Mauritania constructed and furnished 50 social housing units for at-risk families in Nouakchott and eastern areas, such as Bassiknou Tenmbdgha and Bustail. In education, Qatar Charity built and equipped 25 classrooms thereby enabling the expansion of three preparatory schools and two elementary schools.

Regarding the health sector, Qatar Charity has constructed and equipped 10 category B health centers in rural areas agreed with the Ministry of Health as needing urgent improvement in access to health services. Qatar Charity Mauritania has also embarked on an ambitious economic empowerment program that seeks to stimulate growth in poorer, rural areas of the country. It is envisioned that 20,000 will benefit from the states of the eastern basin, the Assaba, Labrakna State and Western Thierse State, through a series of linked vocational training and soft loans.

21 April 2015