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Mauritania Humanitarian Situation Report - December 2014

Situation Report
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• Mauritania continues to suffer from a multi-dimensional crisis related to food insecurity, the high prevalence of malnutrition, the presence of Malian refugees.

• From January to December 2014, as a result of the food insecurity and nutrition crisis, over 16,684 severely malnourished children were admitted and treated within 508 supported health facilities. The close collaboration with the Ministry of Health contributed to reinforce the capacity of 141 frontline staff on management of acute malnutrition as well as increase the coverage.

• At the Malian Refugee camp, following the start of the new academic year on November 1rst, 3,141 students (47% girls) enrolled in primary schools, 185 (20% girls) in secondary school and 768 adolescents (65% girls) are attending literacy numeracy program.

• The Nutrition survey carried out in November 2014 in the camp shows a significant decrease of both global acute malnutrition (from 11.8 to 9.9%) and severe acute malnutrition (1.4% to 0.8) rates. As of today, UNICEF supported the government nutrition center in the treatment of 444 severe acute malnutrition (SAM) cases and contributed to the treatment of 790 other SAM cases.

• As part of the Ebola preparedness response, UNICEF is continuing to participate actively to weekly coordination meetings organized by the Ministry of Health, and supporting the government in their mass media campaign on good hygiene practices.

• As of December, 64% of UNICEF Annual Appeal has been funded; UNICEF would like to acknowledge generous contribution of all donors in support to its emergency programmes, and especially the Government of Japan.