Mauritania: Food Insecurity - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) Operation Update 2 n° MDRMR009

Summary of major revisions made to the emergency plan of action:

The MRC requests a three months extension in order to finalise the activities of the Emergency Appeal. Indeed, several implementation challenges delayed the implementation of activities in regard to the emergency plan of action. These are: challenges related to the direct implementation mode, time dedicated to the set-up of strong security procedures, logistical difficulties, targeting issues and complex procurement approval process. Please read the "extension of the Emergency Appeal" section for more information. This Operations Update do not request changes in the budget, which stays at 1,332,866 CHF.

Despite these delays, since May 2018 the operation has achieved significant results in regard to the plan of action. The emergency phase is fully completed, with the successful distributions of cash and complementary flour. The recovery phase is ongoing: the cooperatives as well as the beneficiaries for cattle have been identified, the cooperatives representatives followed trainings and the first agricultural products have been distributed. In addition, several awareness sessions on health and nutrition have been conducted in the area of intervention. Furthermore, the accountability mechanism is fully set up since June 2018 and will stay operational until the end of the operation. Finally, the National Society capacity building process is ongoing since the beginning of the operation, with trainings delivered to volunteers and staff.