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Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) situation update for February with a forecast till mid-April, 2010



The desert locust (DL1) situation remained calm in February in winter breeding areas due to unfavorable ecological conditions. Only a few scattered solitary adults and/or hoppers were reported in northern Mauritania, southwest Libya and along the Red Sea coasts in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. A similar situation may exist in northern Niger and Mali where surveys were undermined by the ongoing security situation. No locusts were reported in other outbreak regions during this time (CNLA/Mauritania, DDLC/Libya, DPPQS/India, FAO-DLIS, PPD/Ethiopia, and PPD/Sudan).

Forecast: Scattered adults will likely persist in winter breeding areas. Only small-scale breeding may occur in spring breeding areas along the Iran-Pakistan borders where good rains fell in February and in northwest Africa provided rains fall in the coming weeks. However, locust numbers will likely remain low and the situation will be calm during the forecast period (CNLA/Mauritania, DPPQS/India, CNLA/Niger, FAO-DLIS, PPD/Ethiopia, and PPD/Sudan).