Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) Situation Report for August with a Forecast till mid-October, 2010

from US Agency for International Development
Published on 03 Sep 2010 View Original

The Desert Locust (SGR1): SGR situation remained calm in August in summer breeding areas. Only smallscale breeding was reported in the summer breeding areas in Mauritania and Pakistan. A similar situation may be present in parts of Mali, Niger, southern Algeria and eastern Chad, but could not be confirmed. Scattered adults were detected in northern Sudan and Eastern Ethiopia, but no locusts were reported in other countries during this period (CNLAA/Morocco, DDLC/Libya, DPPQS/India, DLMCC/Yemen, FAO-DLIS, INPV/Algeria, PPD/Ethiopia, PPD/Sudan)

Forecast: Small-scale breeding will likely continue in the summer breeding areas from southeast Mauritania to eastern Chad and locust numbers will increase and form groups during the forecast period in areas where ecological conditions are favorable. Small-scale breeding will likely occur and increase locust numbers in the summer breeding areas along the Indo-Pakistan borders. Active surveys and monitoring are essential to avoid any undetected population build up and a potential invasion (DDLC/Libya, DPPQS/India, FAO-DLIS, INPV/Algeria, PPD/Ethiopia, PPD/Sudan).