COVID-19 Emergency Response Impact Report – Mauritania

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A word from the National Director

The outbreak of COVID-19 since December 2019 in China has resulted in an economic, social and health crisis worldwide. In Mauritania, from the first weeks of its appearance on the national territory in March 2020, the Authorities closed the borders by land, air and sea. Faced with the adverse effects of the pandemic, the Government has developed and implemented a response plan to curb the health crisis and its socio-economic impacts.
It is in this context that World Vision Mauritania has collaborated with its government partners (MASEF, Ministry of National Education) and civil society in particular (the association of peer educators, the Association of Imams and the High Authority of Ulemas) to support the most vulnerable families and children affected by this pandemic.

These actions have had an impact on more than 300,000 direct beneficiaries and 1,800,000 indirect beneficiaries for a total investment of US$418,000.

It is within this framework that information and awareness campaigns through the network of 15 local radio stations linked to the National Radio in a network with Chinguetti TV and child protection caravans have made it possible to broadcast messages on the protection of children and households against COVID 19, the fight against abuse, forms of mistreatment and even violence against children and adults in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic

The above-mentioned campaigns were animated and led by various resource persons including religious leaders, sociologists, educators, doctors, and reached a target audience of 1,800,000 people at the national level.

The commitment and dynamism of religious leaders in raising awareness can to be acknowledged here, in a context where people had many concerns about the information circulating about the pandemic. The partnership with the Ministry of National Education to support learning in the context of COVID-19 has made it possible, among other things, to improve provisions for compliance with barrier measures in schools and facilitate the continuity of teaching and learning.

The partnership with the association of pairs éducateurs through the production and distribution of 4 videos summarising good practices on the barrier measures enacted by the Ministry of Health in the four national languages (Arabic, Pulaar, Soninke and Wolof) made it possible to reach various audiences.

Significant realisations made by World Vision Mauritania, such as the distribution of WASH kits, school kits, fortified flour, cash and masks are also highlighted in the report.

Thank you for your support that has brought relief to children, families and communities in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alex Whitney

National Director