The Cash-for-Change Initiative Issue #1, December 2011

News and Press Release
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Cash-for-Change is a WFP corporate initiative established to support and coordinate activities required to build the capacity necessary to integrate cash and voucher-based transfers in WFP’s programme of work. It relies on cross-divisional coordination (e.g. Programme, Information Tech-nology and Management Services, Finance and Treasury, Policy, Planning and Strategy, Logistics, Legal, etc.) to develop systems, define processes, build tools and formulate guidance essential to fully scale-up the use of cash and vouchers.

The initiative is managed by the Cash-for-Change Service (ODXC) created in ear-ly 2011 within the Programme Division (ODX). A three-phase road map guides its imple-mentation and marks pro-gress toward the target of reaching 30 to 40 percent of WFP’s programme of work in C&V by 2015.