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Earthquake in Eastern Caribbean - Sitrep #1

Situation Report
Originally published
The Event: On Thursday afternoon 29th November at 3:00 p.m. local time, an earthquake occurred off the east coast of Martinique. The preliminary location for the event is 14.70°N 60.89°W, the focal depth is 121km and the preliminary magnitude is 7.3.

Source of Information: Seismic Research Unit, UWI

This is the strongest earthquake event reported since 1974.


Reports have indicated that the earthquake was widely felt across the eastern Caribbean as far in the north as BVI and as far south as Guyana.

The Situation

Antigua - NODS [National Disaster Coordinator (NDC)] reported that strong tremors were felt countrywide but there was no initial damage reported.

Barbados - DEM (Programme Officer) reported that the tremor was felt countrywide. The phone system was affected in some parts of the country.

Montserrat - DMCA (NDC) reported that the tremor was felt in Montserrat. No damage report but they are in communication with Dominica

St. Vincent and the Grenadines - NEMO (Deputy NDC) reported they felt tremors countrywide for over one minute. Effects were felt mostly in Union Island. Some structural damage was reported. Damage assessments are currently being conducted.

Trinidad - ODPM (Ops. Officer) reported that the tremor was felt strongly throughout Trinidad and Tobago. There was no damage reported but damage assessment teams were sent out.

Dominica - ODM (NDC) reported that it was felt very strongly and countrywide. There was broken furniture and fallen items. The damage assessment is being done.

St. Lucia - NEMO (NDC) reported that there was a hard shake across the island. There was minor damage reported. There were cracks to building

St. Kitts - NEMA (NDC) reported that there was a steady shake countrywide.

Anguilla - DDM (NDC) reported that the earthquake was felt countrywide with one shake lasting for approximately thirty seconds.

Grenada - NadMa (Deputy NDC) reported that the shake was felt across Grenada but strongly in St. Andrew and St. Patrick. No casualties reported

Guyana - CDC reported that the shake was felt strongly. No casualties and damages reported.

BVI - DDM (Deputy NDC) reported that there was a light tremor. There was no damage, however one building is being checked for cracks.

Jamaica, Belize, Bahamas and Turks and Caicos from the worth-western Caribbean were not affected by the earthquake.

Regional Response:

- The CDERA Coordinating Unit has contacted all the NDOs for CDERA Participating States.

- Participating States are being encouraged to assess critical facilities for any possible damages.

- The CDERA Coordinating Unit is in dialogue with the Seismic Research Unit (SRU). It must be noted that no Tsunami alert has been issued.

- The impact of this earthquake brings to the fore issues of facility evacuation and the challenges accompanying this and highlights the need for improved public awareness in this area which CDERA will be addressing through its Earthquake Readiness Programme recently initiated.

- The CDERA Coordinating Unit continues to monitor the impact of the earthquake and stands ready to provide assistance if warranted.

Contact Details: The CDERA CU 24hr contact number is 246 425 0386