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Early Warning, Early Action

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"Access to safe drinking water is our priority" says Kevin de Brum, a leader of the Jenrok community on Majuro Atoll. "God will not forsake us because we are his children and he loves us. Despite the State of Emergency, the people in the communities remain hopeful and their faith strong.” These community members are taking part in the planning and designing of the Jenrok Community Early Warning System under the Finland-Pacific (FINPAC) Project.

This is the first time for Jenrok community members to take part in such an activity. "The workshop has opened our minds to the importance of having an Early Warning System in place. Before we used to think of ourselves and we react when something happens. It is good to be prepared," says Alik.

"Water rationing for the main supply has now reached a point where it is turned on once a week for only 4 hours. So we must act quickly to fill up the containers. In the future we must prepare ahead of time" says de Brum.

A key message to communities through this initiative is to be prepared. The National Weather Service continues to provide information on predicted low rainfall in the coming months; this will mean that people will start storing water. The same applies to king tides and typhoons so communities get early warning and then start to prepare.

The FINPAC Project is funded by the Government of Finland and coordinated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the World Meteorological Organization through the Government of Canada and the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.