UNHCR Mali Factsheet - June 2022


966 Documented Protection incidents

606 Persons on the move identified in mixed flows

36 cases of GBV recorded and received psychosocial support

144 households received NFI kits


  • UNHCR held a meeting with its governmental partner, the National Commission in Charge of Refugees (CNCR) on the biometrics of Conventional Travel Documents. During the meeting, the counterparts recommended the organization of a workshop with stakeholders to discuss the issue.

  • As part of the cessation clause for Ivorian refugees, continued sensitization of the five households applying for legal integration who do not have documents for voluntary repatriation.

  • During the month of June, UNHCR received and assisted 11 persons of concern, including nine refugees, two asylum seekers on issues related to resettlement, documentation, and the asylum application procedure in Mali.

  • UNHCR registered ten Ivorian children whose births have not been declared to the civil registry by their parents and transmitted the list to its partner AMSODE to establish supplementary judgments. = UNHCR has received 14 requests for support through its Blue Hotline, of which six were resolved.