The Sahel: 2011-2013 CERF allocations (as of 27 June 2013)

from ReliefWeb, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 27 Jun 2013

One of the biggest challenges facing CERF and the entire humanitarian community in 2012 was the severe food insecurity and malnutrition situation in the Sahel. The crisis affected more than 18 million people in eight countries, and 1 million children under age 5 were at risk of malnutrition. Successive droughts, combined with conflict, displacement and cholera outbreaks, further exacerbated the crisis. Since the crisis began in 2011, CERF has allocated more than US$141 million to countries in the Sahel to tackle food insecurity and nutrition needs as well as to address displacement and prevent additional disease outbreaks.

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