Regional Office for West and Central Africa Bulletin: Central Emergency Response Fund First Quarter 2013

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 31 Mar 2013

CERF disbursed over US$28 million during first Quarter of 2013 for emergency humanitarian response in West and Central Africa

During the first Quarter of 2013, the Central Fund for Emergency Response (CERF) has al- located 28.03 million dollars in five countries in West Africa and Central Africa: Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria and Togo. CERF funds for the region represent 19.2 per cent of all CERF allocations in the first Quarter in the world, a limited share.

The Malian crisis is the source of more than 65 per cent of CERF disbursements for the re- gion, either directly (US$ 13.8 million for Mali) or indirectly: the whole of $4.47 million alloca- ted to UN agencies in Mauritania benefited Malian refugees in Mauritania and host com- munities.

Nigeria has received more than $6.4 million to fund assistance projects for people affected by the devastating floods of 2012. Togo has received more than 323,000 dollars for a project of nutritional assistance to Ghanaian refugees and their host communities in the north. Finally, Liberia was awarded nearly $3million dol- lars for under-funded emergencies for projects related to Ivorian refugees in eastern coun- tries and their host communities.

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