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Quarterly Factsheet: « Strengthening the resilience of populations displaced by the instability in Northern Mali » July - September 2018

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The « Strengthening the Resilience of populations displaced by the instability in Northern Mali » project is a regional project launched by UNHCR and financed by European Union through the EU Trust Fund for Africa, in 2017. The project will last three years and will be implemented in Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso. The objective of the project is to strengthen the resilience of the populations forcibly displaced by the instability in Northern Mali, and to support the peaceful coexistence between the communities.

The project will contribute to the reduction of instability and vulnerability, through the creation of socioeconomic opportunities for the displaced populations, as well as the host community, easing local integration of displaced populations. Efforts will also be made to facilitate the reintegration of repatriated refugees in their zone of origin.

In Niger, the project will contribute to the stability in the region, addressing the root causes of instability and displacement, including economic stability, while integrating the Malian refugees into national public services in Niger, and developing peaceful coexistence.

Overall Targets (by 2020):

1) 3,000 households state that their socioeconomic situation has improved during the course of the intervention;

2) 8,000 households are assisted with Cash assistance;

3) 3,000 formal or informal activities are created or strengthened;

4) 30,000 refugees are completely integrate into the national basic service systems (water, education, health);

5) 14 infrastructures and basic social services are strengthened for refugees and host communities;

6) 17,048 refugees choose and benefit from assistance for their voluntary repatriation.

Key Dates:

  • July 2017 : Beginning of the project
  • August 2017 : Establishment of and monitoring of a complaints mechanism regarding targeting
  • September 2017: UNHCR select 2 financial service providers in the framework of the cash strategy: Airtel (Mobile Money), and Asusu
  • 3 Tripartite Commission meetings held between Niger, Malia and UNHCR (14 September 2017 Bamako; 22 February 2018 Niamey; 28 June 2018 Bamako)
  • September 2018: The process of launching the construction of 2 Integrated Health Centres (CSIs) in Ayorou and Abala begin.