Peace and Security Council Report No 92, June 2016

from Institute for Security Studies
Published on 21 Jun 2017 View Original

At the upcoming AU summit, will leaders equip the Peace and Security Council to deal with conflicts?

In this issue

Special Focus: 29th AU summit

Will the African Union (AU) Assembly equip the Peace and Security Council (PSC) and the AU Commission with the necessary mandates to deal with conflicts?

Heads of state and government are expected to take critical decisions that will shape the future of the AU as the main driver of integration on the continent.

Situation Analysis

Angola has a key role in how the current political crisis in the DRC plays out.

Addis Insight

A retrospective of the work of the PSC shows ambassadors did not take a strong stand on individual crises last year.

There is growing scepticism over the viability of the African Standby Force.