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MMC West Africa - 4Mi Snapshot - Profiles and reasons of departure of refugees and migrants from West Africa, September 2018

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2,184 refugees and migrants were interviewed by 4Mi in West Africa between 1 January and 31 July 2018, in Mali (Mopti, Gao and Timbuktu), Niger (Niamey and Agadez) and Burkina Faso (Dori and Bobo Dioulasso). 66% Respondents are from more than 18 countries in West and Central Africa.

The average age of respondents is 29, ranging from a minimum age of 18 to a maximum of 64 years old.

The majority of the refugees and migrants interviewed are single (64% of men and 69% of women). 33% of men and only 13% of women are married. There are significantly more divorced or widowed women (15% and 3% respectively) compared to men (3% and 0% respectively).

Most respondents lived in an urban area prior to their departure (79% of women and 89% of men). Over half of the male respondents interviewed (55%) had lived in another village/city before migrating, while 54% of women had not lived anywhere other than home, illustrating that international migration is often preceded by internal migration from rural to urban areas.