Malian president praises Qatar Charity's efforts for developmental projects in Mali

Doha, May 27, 2009 - H.E.The president of Mali, Mr. Amadou Toumani Touré, paid a visitation to the Mosque, which Qatar Charity opened in Bamako, the Capital of Mali, a few days ago. The Mosque was built at the expense of a Qatari female benefactor in association with the Childhood Foundation, which is headed by the Mali President's wife. Having performed the Jumu'ah prayers, H.E. met Qatar Charity's Representative in Mali and thanked him for the Charity's great efforts in building Mosques and establishing more developmental projects in Mali.

The Mosque was opened by the President's Wife on May 22, 2009 in the presence of the Minister of Woman, Child and Family, the Governor of Bamako District and the Municipality Mayor.

The representative of the Childhood Foundation delivered a word in which he thanked Qatar Charity for building the Mosque in order to help the old perform their prayers easily and comfortably.

On the other hand, the Office of Qatar Charity in Mali has distributed canned meat of 'Eid Sacrifices to the needy and poor in several villages, in addition to some schools cafeterias.

In a press conference, Mr. Mustafa al-Siti, the Supervisor of Qatar Charity's Office in Mali, said: "We distributed two tons of canned meat to the neediest section of people in association with Islamic Relief's Office in Mali. Such a project will enable poor students and residents of camps worldwide to benefit from sacrifice meat for a long period of time. The project came in response to the Islamic Relief Worldwide (of Britain) initiative in cooperation with Saudi Arabia and Islamic Development Bank. Qatar Charity paid $ 200.000 in favor of this project. In association with its local partner 'The Good Life Society', Qatar Charity distributed sacrifice meat to six schools and two kindergartens in four villages in Koulikoro region. WFP provides these villages with foodstuff."

"This initiative pleased the people (students and parents) of these villages since the students received their school meals free of charge, wishing to repeat such a humanitarian work in the coming years." al-Siti added.

In the same context, some 30 societies for the old and widows and the poor of 18 villages in Koulikoro region received canned meat, each person 500 grams.

The launching ceremony of this initiative was attended by a representative for the Governor of Koulikoro, director of Academic University of the region, local leaders, the representative of Islamic Relief Worldwide and the directress of WFP's office in Mali.

The directress of WFP's office in Mali expressed her thanks and appreciation to Qatar Charity for its humanitarian efforts in serving schools in the Mali countryside since such an activity is integral to the WFP works. Furthermore, such contribution of the Charity lightens the students' financial burdens and increases the number of students at schools. She also invited the Charity to widen its activities in others areas. In his turn, the local leader of the village complex thanked the directress of WFP and offered her a certificate of appreciation for her efforts.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity has carried out several education and health projects in the Republic of Mali, among which were five schools, three clinics, thirty Mosques and two ploy-service centers.