Mali+3 Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (June 2013)

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 29 Jun 2013

Cholera Season

Niger and Mali have been hit by Cholera outbreaks. In Niger, 301 cases and 9 deaths have been reported. In Mali there have been 21 cases and 2 deaths. Above and beyond in-country Cholera supplies, UNICEF has regional stockpiles of WASH and HEALTH items for an additional 30,000 people.


In Mali, since January 700 metric tonnes of NUTRITION, WASH and HEALTH supplies have been moved to the South of the country and 222 metric tons to the North. In emergencies UNICEF moves supplies rapidly from the regional supply warehouses. UNICEF uses regional warehouses in Ghana and Cameroon to move lifesaving supplies to reach women and children quickly, saving transportation time.