Mali Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 8 May 2013)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 08 May 2013


Since the beginning of the year 71,428 persons have received permanent access to an improved potable water source and 454,567 people received temporary access to potable chlorinated water. Roughly 15 per cent of the 1,222 Health centers throughout the country have a presence of WASH actors providing support for the WASH minimum package. In anticipation of the risk of cholera epidemic associated to the approaching rainy season, WASH partners have been identified in all areas (District Sanitaires) for which the risk has been identified as ‘extreme’, ‘elevated’ or ‘medium’.


In Timbuktu and Gao regions, 385 schools have reopened , or 37 per cent of the 1,030 schools. They host 2,009 teachers and 86,256 students. Across the country, school kits were distributed to 39,892 students and 2,183 teachers working in conflict or post-conflict areas were trained on issues related to education in Emergency. Adapted pedagogical approaches are key to ensure that school-aged children which have had their access to education interrupted are able to recuperate the time lost outside of school.

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