Mali: Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 6 June 2013) [EN/FR]

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 06 Jun 2013

Food Security

The food situation is still of concern. The number of persons affected by food insecurity is estimated to be around 3.5 million, including 1.4 million people in need of immediate food assistance and 2.1 million that are under pressure.


Humanitarian organizations are only covering 542 out of 1,265 nutritional rehabilitation units due to insufficient resources. For the time being, this situation does not allow to insure the transition to the scale of activities related to the nutritional management of malnutrition.


Since May 22, no cases of cholera have been recorded. Notwithstanding prevention measures, the resurgence of cholera remains a threat. Risk factors include the consumption of contaminated water, the precariousness of hygiene and sanitation conditions, and the ongoing epidemic in neighbouring Niger

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