Mali Food Security Outlook Update March 2015

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Stressed levels of food insecurity in the North due to shortfalls in production and income


  • Markets are well stocked with cereal crops owing to the good levels of overall crop production in all parts of the country for 2014. In general, millet prices are on par with or six to 24 percent belowaverage, giving households fairly good food access for this time of year.

  • The earlier than usual lean season currently underway in pastoral areas and the associated higher than usual animal mortality risk between April and May are triggering atypical herd movements, which are reducing milk production and prices for livestock. The resulting drop in income will limit the market access of poor agropastoral households, which will be facing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) levels of food insecurity as of April.

  • The longer than usual market dependence of poor households in agropastoral areas of Gao and Timbuktu is causing them to scale up their casual labor and borrowing, and cut back their nonfood spending in order to meet their food needs. As a result, they will face Stressed (IPC Phase 2) levels of food insecurity as of April and are likely to be in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) by July.