Mali Food Security Outlook Update February 2013

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Security conditions continue to affect trade


  • Limited trade volumes between the north and regular supply markets in the south, and to/from neighboring countries, is preventing a proper flow of food supplies to local populations. Shortages of imported foods from Algeria continue to be observed on markets in affected zones. The slump in livestock sales has put pastoral populations in food security Stress (IPC Phase 2).

  • Millet prices in the north jumped by 20 to 40 percent from mid-January and early February. Institutional procurements by neighboring countries for the rebuilding of national food security reserves and intervention stocks continue on major supply markets in the southern part of the country. This added demand could put pressure on cereal prices.

  • The re-opening of access routes into northern areas of the country is helping to slowly revive business and trade. However, continued insecurity in these areas could pose food access constraints among local populations at risk of food insecurity and propel pastoral populations into IPC Phase 3 (crisis) by the beginning of April.