Mali – Cycle of violence and displacement in Mali (DG ECHO, UN, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 12 June 2019)

  • On 10 June an attack by armed militia killed 35 civilians according to the Ministry of Security (95 according to press reports) and wounded 38 in Sobame Da, a Dogon village close to Bandiagara, Mopti region. It is feared that the number of casualties might be higher as only 50 people escaped out of 300.
  • This attack is one of the worst since the Ogossagou massacre in March 2019. Although the attackers' identity has not been confirmed, its ethnic nature places it in the cycle of violence between Dogon and Fulani militias, who have been retaliating against civilian populations. The lack of reactivity from the Malian Defense Forces, who were aware of the attack in advance, is worrying.
  • The number displaced by violence and conflict in central and northern Mali has seen a dramatic spike with nearly 160,000 newly displaced in 2019.
  • DG ECHO funding will enable humanitarian actors to provide rapid assistance in food, protection, basic health care, WASH and non-food items, although their work is greatly impacted by the deteriorating security situation in those areas.