Mali Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report No. 3 (Reporting Period: 26 April-17 May 2020)


Situation Overview and Humanitarian Needs

The COVID-19 epidemic is reported in nine regions and 24 health districts in the country for a total of 860 confirmed cases, including 22 imported; 52 deaths are reported i.e a death rate of 6.04%. The district of Bamako concentrates most of the reported cases (73.6%) followed by the regions of Koulikoro (10.8%), Mopti (5.6%) and Kayes (3,4%).
For the time being, all tests at the country level are carried out in the four existing laboratories in Bamako as there are no yet testing facilities outside the capital city.

As part the social measures adopted, the Government is distributing washable masks to the population and is providing food to vulnerable people. The Government has also decided to make the use of masks in public spaces mandatory and lifted the curfew throughout the national territory.

The Ministry of Education announced on May 8, the resumption of schooling from June 2nd, after more than a month of closure due to the covid-19 pandemic. These reopening targets only the examination classes of primary, secondary (general and technical), technical and vocational education as well as Teacher Training Institutes.