Mali – Conflict, Violence (DG ECHO, INGOs) (ECHO Daily Flash of 21 March 2017)

  • The security situation in northern and central Mali continues to be very difficult. This was illustrated last week by a criminal attack on an international humanitarian organisation in Gao, leaving one aid worker dead and another severely injured. Violence and insecurity, in a context of broad impunity, affect local populations on a permanent basis and are the main reasons why Malian refugees (estimated total: 141 450) do not return.

  • A ban on the use of motorcycles in the district of Macina, Segou region, has been issued by the Malian authorities in an attempt to reduce radical militants’ mobility and the expansion of radical armed groups in central Mali. This ban has already severely impacted the population's access to basic services and humanitarian operations. Less than a month after this ban was decided, according to humanitarian organisations, admissions to treatment centres for Severe Acute Malnutrition have dropped by 50% and to paediatric health consultations by 34%. In addition, outreach strategies for vaccination campaigns as well as ante- and post-natal care of mothers have completely stopped in this area. Finally, this ban also has a negative impact on local social and economic dynamics, with a significant risk of reducing livelihood opportunities.