Mali: Complex Emergency Situation Report No. 33 (as of 23 May 2013)


• Cholera has re-appeared in Mali. Since 8 May, 21 cases have been reported in the Gao region.

• Partners estimate that around 1.4 million people are in immediate need of food assistance. An additional 2.1 million people are at risk.

• According to the latest estimates from the Population Movements Commission and UNHCR, 301,027 IDPs1 are living in Mali (as of 21 May), and 174,129 Malian refugees are living in neighbouring countries (as of 20 May).

• Donors held a conference on Mali on 15 May in Brussels.
Humanitarian priorities highlighted during the conference include assistance to and protection of communities made vulnerable by the crisis, recovery of basic services in the north and stronger reconciliation efforts.

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