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International (ECHO, INGOs) (National Risk Secretariat, Geophysical Institute, Local Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 27 February 2016)

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27 February 2016

I. International

Mali - Returnees (ECHO, INGOs)

Over the last three months, there have been spontaneous return movements of Malian refugees from Mbera Camp in Mauritania to Gargando, Timbuktu region, Northern Mali. The main reasons for the spontaneous returns are attributed to both the evolution of the peace process in Mali and the difficult living conditions in the camp.

Following the assessment carried out by an ECHO partner, Gargando has already received about 10 000 returnees. The main humanitarian needs of the returnees are in the sectors of water, hygiene, nutrition, health and, shelter.

Ecuador - Volcanic Eruption (ECHO, National Risk Secretariat, Geophysical Institute, Local Media)

On Friday 26 February, the Tungurahua volcano had a series of seismic events starting at 11.05 (local time), which ended with an explosion at 12.12 (local time) that produced an ash column more than 5 km high above the crater. The explosion has been considered small, and is known to be from a deep origin inside the volcano, probably due to an obstruction in the volcanic chimney.

Ash fall has been reported in Ambato, Río Bamba, Juive Chico, Chongluntus, El Manzano, Cahuají and Pillate, all cities and communities located on the western and southern sides of the volcano. No other damages have been reported so far. Pyroclastic flows have been reported arriving to the middle height of the Tungurahua.

National Authorities raised the alert level to orange on 26 February, and ordered the provincial Emergency Operation Centres (EOC) of Chimborazo and Tungurahua to be ready to react. Masks to protect from ashes bought for the Cotopaxi eruption are been sent to the Tungurahua area.