IDB Contributes US$250 Million for the Development of Mali

from Islamic Development Bank
Published on 16 May 2013 View Original

Jeddah, KSA-16.05.2013 - The Islamic Development Bank is contributing US$250 million for the development of the Republic of Mali. This was disclosed by IDB Vice President (Corporate Services), Dr Ahmet Tiktik, on behalf of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Dr Tiktik was speaking at the international conference for the reconstruction of Mali which took place in the city of Brussels on 15th May 2013. “The IDB Group is very optimistic about the future of Mali. I am confident that the new cooperation with the international community will yield positive results for the development of Mali”. Dr Tiktik added. During the meeting, a financial commitment and pledges of € 3.25 billion were made, out of the €4.343 billion budget needed to implement the Plan for the Sustainable Recovery of Mali (PRED), presented by the government of Mali.