Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards Outlook For USAID / FEWS-NET June 20 – June 26, 2013

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 19 Jun 2013
  • Abnormal dryness has settled in across western Mali.
  • A slight reduction in rainfall observed over Ethiopia.

1) The delayed onset of the March-May rainfall has negatively impacted ground conditions over the Belg-producing areas of northern Ethiopia. Despite an increase in rain since mid-April, the accumulated rainfall has remained below-average. Limited rain is forecast over the area during the next outlook period, likely maintaining rainfall deficits.

2) Since the beginning of May, an intermittent but insufficient rain has increased rainfall deficits over parts of north central Nigeria. Scattered, moderate to heavy showers are forecast in the region during the next week; but they may not be enough to eliminate accumulated rainfall deficits.

3) Below-average rain since the beginning of the season has begun to negatively impact cropping activities over parts of western Mali. Rainfall forecasts suggest moderate to heavy showers over the southern of Mali, while little to no rain is expected farther west during the next outlook period. This could potentially increase rainfall deficits in the region.