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The President appeals for public support and cooperation in ‎resolving the water crisis

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President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has appealed for the ‎support and cooperation of the Maldivian public in resolving the national ‎crisis, brought on by the fire that broke out at the Maldives Water and ‎Sewerage Company (MWSC). The President made this appeal, while ‎speaking at a press conference held this evening at the President’s office, ‎regarding the issue.‎

Speaking at the press conference, President Yameen called on the ‎people to refrain from politicizing the issue. The President also ‎advised the people to avoid wastage of water, and urged the people not to ‎take advantage of the situation for their own personal gain.‎

Underscoring the efforts of the Government to resolve the crisis, ‎president Yameen expressed contentment with the fact that drinking water ‎has been provided to all residents of Male’. Continuing on, the President ‎highlighted that MWSC was working with technical experts from overseas ‎to repair the panel boards damaged by the fire, and get the water supply ‎running.‎

Speaking at the press conference, President Yameen expressed his ‎gratitude to the friendly governments of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, ‎China, America and the Saudi Arabia for their kind assistances provided to ‎the people and the Government of Maldives during this national crisis. The ‎President also conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to the Government ‎institutions, NGO’s, and independent businesses for their support and ‎contribution in alleviating the situation.