The President appeals for international assistance in helping the victims of the unprecedented sea swells which hit the Maldives on the 15th of this month

Reference Number: 2007-289

The President has appealed for international support and assistance in helping victims of the unprecedented sea swells, which caused extensive flooding, inflicting damage to homes, livelihoods and infrastructure in many parts of the country since the 15th of this month.

In a letter to world leaders and international organisations appealing for assistance, the President noted that apart from the 2004 Tsunami, never in the country's recorded history had so many islands faced flooding simultaneously. He said that while, with the Grace of the Almighty Allah, there had been no casualties as a result of the flooding, extensive damage had been caused to homes, jetties and fishing vessels, as well as trees, plants and crops on many islands.

Highlighting the fact that the December 2004 Tsunami had caused tremendous damage to the country's economy, the President said that the disaster set the country back by many years, in development efforts. He stated that while the country had been restoring the lives and livelihoods of the people, rebuilding damaged homes and infrastructure across the country over the past two and a half years, this latest environmental emergency would certainly create further grave challenges in what is already a gigantic task.

In the letter, the President appealed to the leaders and international organisations for their immediate support and assistance in helping the victims by providing relief and recovery at the earliest possible time.