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Maldivian Red Crescent: Annual Report 2015

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Message from the President & the Secretary General

2015 was a significant year for Maldivian Red Crescent in the humanitarian sphere, with successes and learning experiences. Last year entailed opportunities for MRC to provide invaluable humanitarian services not only to the local communities but also to international crises that came with trust, acceptance and expectations from the communities. Our strengths and capabilities in the area of Disaster Risk Management continue to enable our branches in preparing their communities, building capacities and in responding to disasters and epidemics nation-wide. In addition, notable efforts were put into streamlining the continuity of the humanitarian services that MRC provides by paving the path towards a more locally resourced model, and therefore increasing the sustainability of the organization in the years to come.

Over the years and especially in 2015, MRC has established strong relationships with the government and worked hand in hand as part of the auxiliary role. It is time now to foster these relationships and strengthen the auxiliary support to enable us in providing sustainable services in building resilient communities. We would like to sincerely acknowledge the support from the government thus far and request for further assistance to invest in diversifying and maintaining our humanitarian assistance across the country.

Being a volunteer-member driven local national organization, it is crucial that the services MRC provide to the communities are addressing the humanitarian needs of the communities. As such, we focused on putting effort into strengthening the branches, capacitating the branches in identifying community needs and providing services through decentralized mechanisms. Branch personnel, including members and volunteers were trained in various areas to strengthen branch implementation capacities.

To continue to deliver humanitarian services as an independent and relevant self-sustainable organization, MRC has yet a long road ahead.

However, notable efforts were put into opening up avenues and opportunities domestically to diversify income streams. With regards to this, new relationships and friendships with various public and private organizations were established and relationships established over years of collaboration together were further strengthened.

We are thankful for our movement partners, such as IFRC, ICRC, Canadian Red Cross and Australian Red Cross, for being our primary funders up until now. However, the Tsunami Residual funding which constitutes the primary international donation is coming to a halt by the end of 2016, putting us in a challenging and trying situation. As such, major efforts were put in place last year, to minimize the core cost and expenditures of the organization to align with the financial situation. With respect to this, the organization was restructured to align with the available funding and efforts were put into expediting the construction of the Red Crescent Building Project, which could potentially bring income to sustain our core costs and services.

The development and adoption of the Strategic Plan 2016-2019 was a major milestone of 2015. The Plan was adopted at the 6th General Assembly. Following that, along with the technical support from Canadian Red Cross, MRC paved way for its first four year Integrated Operational Plan and budgeting, with the purpose of streamlining services towards a more sustainable, and integrated approach. This is a remarkable achievement, as this the first time such an approach of integrated planning and budgeting was adopted, which would pave way for further minimizing costs and looking into ways of low cost implementation of services.

As we continue to firm our roots as a neutral, impartial and independent, volunteer-member driven national humanitarian service provider, we have achieved greater heights in the services we provide to the people across communities. This and more could not be achieved without the tireless and invaluable efforts of our volunteers and members, without the support of our generous partners and our dedicated staff who put immeasurable hours and compromises to this cause. Our sincere gratitude is shared with them and everyone who has followed our cause and been a supporter. Thank you.