Maldives: The Cabinet discusses ways to bridge the financing gaps in the tsunami recovery programme

The Cabinet today discussed the progress in acquiring additional donor assistance towards the post-tsunami national recovery programme, and on ways to bridge the existing financing gap. Members noted that over and above what was currently pledged by donors there was a financing gap of US$ 113 million, which needed to be addressed urgently.

Cabinet members also discussed the progress in efforts to construct housing for those who lost their homes in the tsunami disaster, and ways to accelerate this programme.

In today's meeting, the President sought the advice of his Cabinet on ways to strengthen the organisational structure of the Government. The President noted that the proposed changes would give emphasis to priorities in the national recovery programme, improve governance and increase efficiency in addressing social and economic challenges in the country.

The Cabinet also discussed ways to enhance political pluralism and on measures to strengthen the observance of law and order.

Press Release reference number: 2005-417