Indian Ocean Disaster ... after the clean up

Message from the Maldives

The damage and destruction caused by the Boxing Day tsunami has affected us all in many ways. Out of the devastation came the overwhelming generosity of Australians. This spirit is the inspiration and backbone of Australian Volunteers International.

Like many thousands of Australians, you have probably already donated to one of the numerous emergency relief agencies which sent immediate aid to the affected region. However, while many of these emergency relief agencies have closed their tsunami appeals, Australian Volunteers International is now playing an important role in phase two of the relief effort - the reconstruction and rehabilitation of these devastated communities and we need your help.

After the initial clean up, there will be years of work rebuilding the region and Australian Volunteers will play an integral role in repairing lives and livelihoods, reviving communities and restoring confidence in coastal living.

Australian Volunteers International has already recruited, prepared and supported 15 volunteer teachers to the Maldives, laying a strong foundation for future volunteers and programs and forging strong community links in the region. Living, working and learning alongside local people, their role extends beyond teaching. They are counsellors, mentors and friends.

With thousands of people registered and ready to volunteer in the region, your financial support will enable us to respond to locally identified needs and send volunteers into these disrupted societies.

So, share the spirit and energy of volunteering and know that your continued generosity will make a difference to the regions' long term recovery.

Your donation will help us to recruit, prepare and support volunteers in tsunami affected regions, and achieve positive and lasting change.

Dimity Fifer
Chief Executive Officer

How to donate:

Online: Through the free online donations service provided by online community resource,, you can donate now. Totally secure, with 100% of donations going to Australian Volunteers International. Only normal bank fees are deducted from the donation.

Payment Options:

- Make a single, one-off donation

- Join our Regular Giving Program and make a monthly credit card donation

We accept Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Make cheques payable to Australian Volunteers International.

Fax / Post: Just print out the donation slip (see below), fill in your details and fax it to: +61 3 9419 4280

or post it to:

Australian Volunteers International
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Phone: Nerolie Rayson, Australian Business Development
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Need to know more?

Please contact:
Nerolie Rayson, Australian Business Development
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