Qatar Charity, QFFD deliver urgent aid to flood-hit people in Malaysia

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Qatar Charity (QC) has contributed to providing urgent assistance to those affected by the floods in Malaysia, with funding and support from the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and in cooperation with the Malaysian Medical Relief Society known as MERCY Malaysia. The relief aid came in light of the urgent relief intervention plan developed by the Malaysian government.

Qatar Charity, along with the local partner, identified three states, in coordination with the local governments, to deliver food aid and personal hygiene items to 2188 families.

Qatar Charity distributed the aid funded by the QFFD on March 10. The distribution of assistances is expected to continue during the coming weeks to benefit several affected areas.

People in villages and rural areas were hardest hit by the floods and they are suffering from a lack of food and safe drinking water.

The aid comes at a time when Malaysia has been going through the floods since January this year, which caused the displacement of thousands of citizens who are facing a shortage of basic needs, including food, clothing, drinking water and hygiene supplies.

CEO Assistant for International Operations and Partnerships at Qatar Charity,
Nawaf Al-Hammadi, said that this aid contributes to reducing the impact of floods on the affected people in Malaysia, especially in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He added that the distribution of aid would continue over the coming weeks in different flood-stricken areas to support the affected.
Al-Hammadi emphasized the importance of the support extended by QFFD to carry out the humanitarian interventions of Qatar Charity around the world.

Mr. Mesfer bin Hamad Al Shahwani, Deputy Director-General of Projects at QFFD, said that QFFD has strengthened its efforts, in cooperation with the strategic partner Qatar Charity, to urgently respond and support those affected by the floods in Malaysia, providing relief aid to the thousands of affected families in many flood-hit areas. He indicated that the distribution of the aid took place in cooperation and coordination with the Embassy of Qatar in Kuala Lumpur, the competent bodies, and other strategic partners. He explained that the main objective of the aid was to ensure that flood-affected communities meet their basic needs.

The aid was distributed to 248 families in Benta area, in addition to 290 beneficiaries from five different villages, who received the aid distributed in kuala Lipis area. The beneficiaries expressed their delight with receiving the aid.

Mr. Ahmed Taj Al-Din, an official, thanked the State of Qatar and the supporters for delivering the urgent aid at this challenging time. He said that this reflects the magnitude of relations between the Qatari and Malaysian peoples, especially in the time of adversity, as the affected people, who are farmers, have lost their work due to the flood in light of the unending coronavirus pandemic.

It is expected that, during the next two weeks, the aid will be delivered to 800 families in the state of Johor, and 850 families in the state of Sabah.